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Freshchat & Whatsapp: Your Smarter Customer Service

The recent Coronavirus emergency and the increasingly stringent national and regional measures, besides forcing many workers to smart-working, are putting some sectors under pressure.

Pharmacies, para-pharmacies, doctors and all activities involved in the healthcare are clogged with phone calls. Supermarkets, shops and businesses that offer home deliveries need to handle a large amount of orders. Even professional agents who are in direct contact with customers to offer support of all kinds are in the eye of the storm.

How can you handle all these pressing requests efficiently? How can you use Whatsapp productively?

Customer support in the B2C sector is now simpler, and Freshworks offers you the solution to this problem. Today, the Freshchat integration with Whatsapp Business is even simpler and more convenient, and allows you to take your business to another level.

Surprise your customers with Whatsapp Business API

What are the news in the city thanks to this combination? Here are a few:

Customer Service: Provide quick individual support through WhatsApp conversation to your customers and immediately solve their questions.

Proactive Messaging: Send outgoing notifications such as orders, payments and service updates. Proactively interact with your customers after getting opt-ins.

Call redirection to chat: Redirect calls to your WhatsApp Business phone number to chat with customers and potential customers and reduce operating costs.

Two-factor authentication: Send One Time Password (OTP) securely and protect your client accounts with WhatsApp’s integrated end-to-end encryption.

Connect Ads and Chat: Configure your Facebook ads, so that potential customers are redirected to your WhatsApp number and acquire leads.

Freshchat & Whatsapp

Why integrate your Whatsapp Business account with Freshchat?

Easy! Only with a tool like Freshchat can you keep all customer requests under control and prevent them from crowding into operational queues while remaining unresolved.

In addition, Freshchat gives you a number of valuable additional benefits:


Freshchat Smart Plugs

Simple and Contextual

You can speed up support with the Smart Plugs function that understands the context in an intuitive interface.

Freshchat Bot

Do you need to increase Chat volumes? Use ChatBots

Freshchat allows you to scale your assistance thanks to AI-based Bots.

Freshchat Integrations

Work better by integrating your tools

Do more by integrating Freshchat with your CRM, helpdesk and more. All of them … in one place!

What are you waiting for?

Whatsapp Business integration is free for the Freshchat Garden, Estate and Forest plans.

Have you received yet another call or order request on your mobile phone? So what are you waiting for to implement this winning integration?