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Freshsales, the CRM for the sales pipeline

Freshsales is a scalable, secure, and unified cloud-based business CRM platform to support your sales team.

A CRM software designed for sales and pipeline management: manage your sales flow and keep track of the most interesting metrics to increase your sales.

Freshsales CRM

Support your Sales Department with a CRM for the Sales Network

Are you looking for a solution to effectively acquire new customers that is simple for your sales team to use?

Freshsales is the cloud-based CRM tailor-made for sales teams, simple, scalable, and designed to manage all sales pipelines in an integrated manner. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Freshsales is the ideal solution to optimize your sales strategy and increase your commercial team’s productivity.

What Can You Do with Freshsales?

Freshsales teamwork
Freshsales funnel
Freshsales CRM

The advantages of using a CRM for the sales network

Adopting a CRM for the sales network brings numerous advantages for a company:

  • Improved efficiency: Automation of repetitive tasks and centralized management of information.
  • Complete customer view: A 360-degree view of each customer to personalize the sales approach.
  • Analysis and reporting: Analytical tools to monitor performance and sales trends.
  • Team collaboration: Facilitation of collaboration among team members for a more cohesive sales strategy.
  • Improvement of customer relationships: Effective management of interactions with customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost your Sales Team Potential

Want to get to know your customers and leads better?

With Freshsales, you get complete details about your customers: conversations, offers (open, won or lost), points of contact with your company and the activities and scheduled appointments with them. Find out how they interacted with your website and your product and interact with them with personalized conversations.

Freshsales pipeline

Need a complete view of your sales pipeline?

Freshsales gives you a complete view of all your sales phases. You can easily monitor the progress of your deals. Add tasks, organize meetings, send emails and make calls, all directly from the contact card. You can also filter your deals based on the agent managing them and transform your pipeline into a report card of your team.

Wondering what is wrong with your sales department?

Empower your sales team to work efficiently. Get insights by analyzing your team’s performance, revenue metrics, sales activities, and more. You can also file reports in the dashboard and share them within your company.

Don’t you want to miss a customer or a task?

Freshsales allows you to take your deals and your customers wherever you go, thanks to its mobile app. You can take notes, find out information about your leads, stay updated on your negotiations, call or send emails. All this, directly from your mobile device!

Sales pipeline: customization and optimization

A sales pipeline, also known as a “sales funnel” or “sales channel,” is a model that represents the journey a potential customer goes through from the beginning of their purchase journey to the conclusion of a sale. It is a crucial tool in the sales management process and is used by companies to have a clear and organized view of their sales process. Here’s how it works:

  • Lead Identification: This is the first stage of the pipeline, where potential customers are identified. These can be found through various marketing activities, market research, or direct contacts.
  • Lead Qualification: In this phase, potential customers are evaluated to determine if they are suitable and likely to become actual customers. This helps to focus efforts on the most promising leads.
  • Sales Proposal: Once qualified, leads are offered commercial proposals. This can include product demonstrations, presentations, or meetings.
  • Negotiation: In this stage, the details of the agreement, such as price, delivery terms, and customer objections, are discussed.
  • Sale Closure: This is the culmination of the process, where the lead becomes an actual customer by concluding the purchase or signing a contract.
  • Post-Sale: After the sale is closed, the relationship with the customer continues to ensure satisfaction, manage any after-sales services, and lay the groundwork for future sales.

The sales pipeline helps companies efficiently monitor and manage the various stages of the sales process. Furthermore, it provides valuable data for sales performance analysis, allowing identification of areas for improvement and growth opportunities. Freshsales allows you to customize and optimize the sales pipeline according to the specific needs of your company. You can create different sales stages, set key performance indicators, and monitor the progress of each sales opportunity. Customizing the pipeline helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the sales process to increase conversions and reduce the time to close deals.

CRM for E-commerce and Integration with Shopify

Freshsales is particularly effective for e-commerce companies, offering integration possibilities with platforms like Shopify. This allows for the synchronization of sales data and customer information between the CRM and your e-commerce, providing a complete view of sales activities and customer behaviors. With these integrations, you can automate communications, personalize offers, and deeply analyze data for more targeted and effective sales strategies.

Get more with the support of Kahuna CRM

At Kahuna CRM, in addition to offering you the best solutions for your company, we guide you step by step through the innovation and Digital Transformation process. We put our experience, expertise, and passion at your disposal to develop strategies in line with your business needs. Thanks to our specialization in Freshworks solutions and a thorough analysis of your business, we can offer you the winning combination to improve and enhance your activity, making your team competitive and efficient. Our support does not stop at implementation strategies. At Kahuna CRM, we establish a real personal relationship with our clients, also helping you develop the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of an increasingly digital world.


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We support you throughout implementation and change process within your company

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What is a digital CRM?
What are the main advantages of using a digital CRM?
How can a digital CRM help improve customer service?
Is it possible to integrate a digital CRM with other business tools?
What features should a good digital CRM have?
  • What is a digital CRM?

    A digital CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software system used to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout their lifecycle with the goal of improving customer relationships, increasing customer loyalty, and fostering sales growth.

  • What are the main advantages of using a digital CRM?

    The main advantages include better organization of customer data, automation of marketing and sales processes, greater efficiency in managing contacts and sales opportunities, and access to detailed analytics to support business decisions.

  • How can a digital CRM help improve customer service?

    A digital CRM allows for detailed storage of customer information, providing immediate access to their history, preferences, and previous interactions. This enables staff to provide quicker and more personalized responses, thus improving customer service.

  • Is it possible to integrate a digital CRM with other business tools?

    Yes, many digital CRMs offer the possibility to integrate with other tools such as email marketing software, social media platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, allowing for a more fluid and coordinated workflow.

  • What features should a good digital CRM have?

    A good digital CRM should have an intuitive user interface, customization capabilities to adapt to the specific needs of the company, robust analysis and reporting functionalities, support for automating sales and marketing processes, and solid data security standards.

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