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Freshchat, the live chat software

Freshchat is an innovative live chat solution for sales teams that engage your customers wherever they are. With advanced features like ticket management, chat personalization, and real-time analytics, Freshchat offers much more than just a messaging platform.

The live chat software from Freshworks goes far beyond instant messaging, allowing you to automate repetitive actions, interact with consumers on every channel, and engage them proactively. You can use chatbots to handle initial inquiries, filtering and directing customers to the most appropriate resources. It creates target campaigns to engage users based on their behavior and needs.



The benefits of a chatbot for customer support

Using chatbots in customer support offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Immediate response: Chatbots provide instant responses, improving customer experience and reducing wait times.
  • Availability 24/7: The bots are available at all times, guaranteeing assistance even outside working hours.
  • Efficient request management: Bots can handle a large number of requests simultaneously, easing the workload of the support team.
  • Service customization: Chatbots can be programmed to provide personalized responses, improving customer interaction.
  • Collecting valuable data: Through interactions, chatbots collect useful data to analyze customer trends and needs.

Reach your customers in every context

With Freshchat you can reach your customers in any context and start a conversation in the channel most convenient for them – website, mobile app, or social network. The platform disintegrates perfectly with the various channels, offering a smooth and consistent experience for both customers and the support team.

What Can You Do with Freshchat?

Freshchat messaging
Proactively engage your visitors and users
Freshchat chatbot
Automate repetitive tasks with smart chatbots
Freshchat omnichannel
Interact with visitors on the web, mobile and other messaging apps

With Freshchat you do more than just chat

Freshchat chat

Can’t offer instant support to your customers?


Thanks to the integrations with Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messanger and Apple Business Chat (and not only!), Freshchat allows you to answer in real time, redirect incoming calls and connect Ads. Keep all requests under control and avoid crowding in the operational queues by remaining unresolved.

Freshdesk software

Want to automate your responses without giving up attention to the customer?

Freshchat offers you intelligent chatbots dedicated to your Sales and Support teams. The bot is able to understand user’s intent and sends a precise answer, activates a conversation based on your goals or involves your agents when necessary.

Freshchat dashboard

Your funnel doesn’t work as you would like?

Run hyper-targeted campaigns that move people faster through your funnel. Grow leads, conquer new users, increase your reputation for customers and re-engage users by sending targeted emails, in-app messages and pushes.

Freshchat integration

Want to integrate the chat with your Helpdesk, CRM or Service Desk?

Meet your customers’ needs  and connect Freshchat to the tools you already use (Freshdesk, Freshsales, Freshservice or third-party apps) to get a complete view of your customers and to interact with them in real time.

Get more done with Kahuna CRM support

In Kahuna CRM, as well as offering you the best solutions for your company, we guide you step by step in the innovation and Digital Transformation process. We put our experience, expertise, and passion at your disposal to develop strategies in line with your business needs. Thanks to our specialization in Freshworks solutions and accurate analysis of your business, we can offer you the winning combination to improve and enhance your business, making your team competitive and efficient. Our support doesn’t stop with implementation strategies. We at Kahuna CRM establish a true personal relationship with our customers, also helping you develop the right skills and knowledge to be able to face all the challenges of an increasingly digital world.


We carefully examine your business and your skills to develop the most suitable strategy for you

Change Management

We support you throughout implementation and change process within your company

Go Live

We give your project ready to be used by all your employees and collaborators

Support and Training

We are always available to support you even after the implementation
What is a Chatbot?
What are the main types of Chatbots?
Why are Chatbots important for businesses?
How do you create a Chatbot?
What are the challenges in using Chatbots?
  • What is a Chatbot?

    A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially on the internet. This software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand questions and provide relevant answers in real-time.

    • Chatbots can communicate via text or voice.
    • They are programmed to interpret, process, and respond to user requests.
    • They are used in various sectors, from customer service to marketing.
  • What are the main types of Chatbots?

    There are mainly two types of chatbots: those based on rules and those powered by artificial intelligence. Rule-based chatbots follow a predefined path to answer specific questions, while AI-based chatbots learn from previous interactions and are capable of handling more complex requests.

    • Rule-based chatbots: Follow predetermined conversation flows.
    • AI-powered chatbots: Use machine learning to improve responses.
    • Many modern chatbots combine both approaches to maximize effectiveness.
  • Why are Chatbots important for businesses?

    Chatbots offer businesses a way to automate customer interactions, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs. It can provide 24/7 support, manage a large volume of requests simultaneously, and personalize communications based on users’ specific needs.

    • Customer service automation for ongoing support.
    • Reduce operational costs by automating responses.
    • Personalization of interaction based on user preferences.
  • How do you create a Chatbot?

    Creating a chatbot requires setting goals, choosing the right platform, and developing conversational skills. For rule-based chatbots, this is a necessary map of conversation paths. For AI-based ones, it matters to train the model with a large set of conversation data to improve your ability to understand and respond.

    • Definition of objectives and choice of platform.
    • Development of conversation paths or training with data.
    • Testing and continuous improvement of the chatbot.
  • What are the challenges in using Chatbots?

    Despite the many benefits, implementing chatbots presents challenges, such as the need for continuous training to understand complex requests, manage user expectations, and secure personal data. It is crucial to ensure that chatbots are equipped with adequate mechanisms to protect user privacy and provide accurate responses.

    • Continuous training is needed to improve understanding.
    • Managing user expectations to avoid frustration.
    • Personal data protection and information security.

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