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Banca Etica

Established in 1999 with the commitment to set up a credit institution inspired by Ethical Finance, Banca Etica offers a different banking experience, offering all the main banking products and services for individuals and families or for organizations and businesses.

Transparency, participation, equity, efficiency, sobriety, attention to the non-economic consequences of economic actions, credit as a human right are the principles behind Banca Etica’s business.

Furthermore, to pursue its ethical finance goals, various “ethical guarantee” tools have been developed to ensure the effective possibility of responsible use of money.

The Story

Banca Etica is presented today as a network of financial services and for cultural, environmental and human promotion. The network of branches on the national territory and the consultants who offer daily assistance to customers are the main actors in putting the mission into practice.

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Joining branches across the country

Banca Etica manages a dense network of branches throughout the national territory. To best pursue its mission, the group needed a single point of contact, a support portal that would join all the locations.

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An integrated web portal for everyone

To respond to business needs, an integrated web portal with active company directory has been built, capable of recognizing each employee of the bank, thus guaranteeing access to services and activities specific to the company function.

In addition, the portal created provides a rich internal knowledge base, where users can access to consult guides and procedures.


Efficiency and speed

To date, Banca Etica has gained efficiency. Thanks to the introduction of a single contact channel, there are no more emails. All agents have all the information they need to provide a faster resolution.

Furthermore, Banca Etica is now able to monitor, thanks to the integrated reporting feature, to identify critical areas and take preventive actions, enriching the internal knowledge base.

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