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Sales Workflow Automation and CRM with Freshsales

automazione forza vendita / workflow automation

The sales sector is one of the most challenging to control due to the diversity of activities it involves. These activities include initial contact calls with potential customers, contact management, and customer follow-up. These tasks can be numerous and demand a considerable amount of time and energy from your agents. It’s essential to recognize the complexity of this sector and seek ways to optimize and streamline tasks to improve sales efficiency.


That’s why sales workflow automation is closely related to the concept of efficiency. Efficiency in a company is achieved by working on the automation of repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on what is truly essential and critical to closing a deal with a customer.


Until a few years ago, thinking about an almost fully automated sales department was impossible. Today, with technological innovations and artificial intelligence (AI), this perspective is entirely feasible. Freshsales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a functional proposal to achieve these goals.


Let’s explore together how it’s possible to achieve sales workflow automation using Freshsales’ technological innovation




Why Do Sales Teams Often Become Unproductive and Inefficient?

Agents working in the sales department have to manage a wide range of activities. For years, these activities were carried out “manually,” using paper and pencil, or tools like Excel spreadsheets.


Even today, a significant portion of a typical day for a sales agent is spent manually completing contracts, managing constant email exchanges, and making calls to the business address, perhaps to authorize discounts or special treatments for a customer.

These activities consume a lot of a sales agent’s time, making them less productive and less efficient. That’s why it’s important to consider a shift in perspective within the company, choosing tools that allow for the sales workflow automation of all these activities, freeing up valuable time to close more deals.


Sales Automation and Process Digitization with Freshsales

As mentioned, salespeople waste a lot of time managing activities that are not fundamental to the company. This limitation can be overcome by introducing new approaches and tools into the company that enable process digitization and sales force automation.


Freshsales is particularly useful for streamlining workflows and making them less burdensome for a salesperson. For example, repetitive workflows such as sending emails, issuing invoices, and entering customer data into a CRM can be managed automatically using Freshsales.


How Does Freshsales Achieve Workflow Automation?


Within Freshsales, agents can activate specific workflows by selecting conditions, i.e., rules that determine the sequence of priorities.


With “If/Then” rules, salespeople can design their ideal workflow and choose actions to perform, such as sending communications, setting reminders, or updating fields.


Additionally, Freshsales offers predefined templates that are fully customizable to meet your company’s specific needs.


CRM and SFA (Sales Force Automation) in Synergy with Freshsales

By choosing Freshsales, you’ll have the power of Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation, united in a single software.


Some of the activities you can automate include:


  • Sending welcome messages to new leads.


  • Updating the status of a new lead to share it with the entire team.


  • Sending invoices.


  • Automatically qualifying leads.


  • Scheduling your appointment calendar.


  • Sending reminders.


  • Sending special occasion emails to your customers (anniversaries, birthdays, and events).


By relying on the complete suite of Freshsales, you can provide your agents with more free time, a simplified workflow, and better conversion opportunities.


For more information on sales automation and implementing Freshsales in your company, start by requesting a free consultation with our experts.