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IT Management: Enhancing the Admin Experience

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IT management, or ITSM, represents how companies deliver their IT services to customers. Within IT management, there are individuals with various roles, each responsible for improving the user experience at different points along the way. Technological tools can favor IT management by meeting customer expectations and, at the same time, enhancing internal management and reducing costs.


Let’s explore how technology can favor the administrator’s experience and simplify the work of those involved in ITSM.


What Roles Are Involved in IT Management?

By its nature, IT management involves various roles within a company, including management roles. IT department management roles are responsible for supporting the company and improving workflow. As such, they must possess many skills and experience.


The admin experience must be smooth and well-structured to benefit not only the IT team but also the entire company. Those in these roles must have accurate information, effective communication skills, change management capabilities, data security knowledge, resource alignment skills, and much more.


In particular, within an IT team, you’ll find roles such as:

  • IT Manager
  • IT Asset Manager
  • Change Manager
  • IT Operations Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Non-IT Manager


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How Can Freshservice Support IT Team Members?

Work within an IT management team is dynamic and fast-paced, requiring vertical skills, responsiveness, and organization. There are tools that can support each team member and enable them to work at their best, such as Freshservice.


By integrating Freshservice into your ITSM strategy, you can:


  • Empower your IT manager by providing useful tools to manage the ITSM strategy. Freshservice reduces manual work by automating tasks and reducing the risk of errors.


  • Enhance your asset manager’s experience by allowing them to plan and monitor the performance of IT resources. With Freshservice, you can easily manage contracts, applications, and purchase orders, all in one control panel.


  • Assist the change manager in managing changes within the company. With Freshservice, you can schedule and plan changes, as well as establish a change advisory board to evaluate them step by step.


  • Support the IT operations manager in evaluating security risks, reducing downtime, and maintaining constant continuity. With Freshservice, you can quickly monitor alerts, resolve incidents, and prevent them.


  • Optimize work planning for the project manager by introducing iterations, project plans, and custom reports.


  • Improve the experience of non-IT managers by offering a set of pre-built ESM products as an integrated product offering.


If you want to improve your team’s performance and the admin experience in IT management start by implementing Freshservice. For more information, contact us now.